Swinging Sixties Night

For our next open mic ‘theme’ night on 25th March at the Exmouth, we’re going back in time to the SWINGING SIXTIES, baby! So you can revisit songs from the Beatles, the Stones or Dylan (all still available in the CHUG section of Dropbox), as well as any of the 60s songs from our normal songbook. Or come up with your own favourites – anything from Frank Ifield to Frank Zappa, or from Jimmy Young to Jimi Hendrix. Songs can be performed individually or by groups and, depending on how many people sign up, you may be able to perform more than one song. You are also all welcome to help the performers out and sing along with the songs.

To register your chosen song send an email to g.e.harrison@blueyonder.co.uk or tell me on a club night and I’ll (in combination with Paddy) compile a list of songs/performers on the website. On the night I also want to see plenty of mini skirts, cat suits and false eyelashes and the ladies can also get dressed up…

List of Songs and their Performers
Song titlePerformer
Tell Him2 G’s and a T
Da Doo Ron Ron / Then he Kissed me2 G’s and a T
I'll Never Find Another YouDJA (Dennis, John & Alwen)
Island of DreamsDJA (Dennis, John & Alwen)
Uke Can’t Always Strum What You WantGraham Harrison
Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Maj.Graham Harrison
She’s Not ThereIan Graham
Summer in the CityIan Graham
Love Is All AroundJudy Gerhardi
Song For A Winter’s NightJudy Gerhardi
When You Walk in the RoomKen Wanless
The Kids Are AlrightKen Wanless
Poetry in MotionMalcolm Thraves
Build me Up ButtercupMalcolm Thraves
Don't Think Twice It's AlrightMike Harrison
If I FellMike Taylor
I’ll Follow the SunMike Taylor
Make Your Own Kind of MusicSteve Brown