How to get ChUG music on an Amazon Fire tablet

Why do we use MobileSheets and Dropbox on an Amazon Fire tablet for our ukulele songs?
Where our ukulele groups meet if there is Wi-Fi available it is virtually unusable.
When you have loaded up your tablet with our songs then you will not require Wi-Fi at our meetings.

Setting up your Amazon Fire tablet
The two apps you require for your Amazon Fire tablet are called MobileSheets and Dropbox (FOC). They are both available from the Amazon App Store.
N.B It’s the ‘paid for’ version of MobileSheets you require as the free version of MobileSheets only stores five songs!

Attached to this page is a PDF called “How to use an android tablet for your ukulele music”. (See “Attachments” at the foot of this page)
The “How to use an android tablet for your ukulele music” instructions take you, step by step, through the process of setting up your Amazon Fire tablet.

All the songs we use are stored in a shared Dropbox folder.
By using Dropbox, it makes it quick and easy to load up your copy of MobileSheets.
Please email Dave Thacker asking him to give you access to the Ukulele Songs shared Dropbox folder.
N.B Dave will need the email address that you used to set up your Dropbox account.
It is recommended that you download all of the other local group’s songs into MobileSheets as ChUG do tend to use them from time to time.

Additional songs and websites
In addition, all the local groups have a song sheet section on their website that you can also use to load up your copy of MobileSheets.
Cheltenham Ukulele Group
Gloucester Strings
Churchdown Ukulele Club

How to join the ChUG email system
N.B. New songs are usually sent out by email.
It’s very easy to do by following these instructions: –
1. Click/tap on this link
2. You will be presented with the MailChimp ChUG Signup form
3. Enter your email address
4. Enter your first and last names
5. Tick the “ChUG Email” box (without the tick we can’t send you any emails!)
6. Then finally, click/tap on the “Subscribe to List” button at the bottom of the form

If you use Gmail software/app for your email, you will find ChUG emails in your “Updates” or “Promotions” inbox folder.

The ChUG Facebook group
If you use Facebook, ChUG has its own group at