Comedy or Tragedy

UkeChelt’s next ‘theme night’ will be held on Monday 30th April, and this time we’ve decided to give you a much greater choice. We’d like you to make us laugh, or make us cry – so what we want is either funny songs or sad songs.

You can choose any song you like as long as it is a comedy or novelty song that makes us laugh, or a sad song that makes us shed a tear. Again songs can be performed individually or by groups and you may be able to perform more than one song depending on the take-up.

This time there is no song list in Dropbox but once again when you have chosen a song please email me with your choice (to and I’ll add it to a list (or tell you that it has already been chosen and that you need to pick another) and we’ll compile a list of the songs/performers below.

Song TitlePerformer
Don’t Speak 2 G’s and a T
The Streets of LondonPolly’s People
Misery FarmNorma Mills
Tears of a ClownIan Graham
The Hungry YearsMike Taylor
I’m going to bring a watermelonGraham Harrison
The memory SongPeter Bower
Everybody HurtsPeter Bower
The Eskimo SongJohn Broomfield
The Crying GameGraham Harrison
‘A Benny Hill Song’ Les Mason
Another Cup of CoffeeJudy Gerhardi
The Sick NoteIan Graham
I’ll Fly AwayThe Ukuladies
The Sound of SilenceThe Ukuladies
Time WarpTim Nicholls
Happiness RedsLes Mason
Chinese Laundry BluesMike Taylor/Les Mason
Runaway TrainThe Newbies
Let’s Have a Ride on Your BicycleKen Wanless
All Over AgainChris Eatwell
Hedgehog PooKaren Evans